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Nuclear Industry

The Nuclear industry faces many challenges in order to ensure the renewal of the facilities for producing energy at the lowest possible cost while guaranteeing a continuous improvement in safety standard for its future installations and to extend the lifetime of existing nuclear power plants managing the risk of beyond design basis events. Géodynamique & Structure assists stake holders and project managers in addressing these multiple challenges by participating in the design of nuclear vessels, in conducting seismic assessment of existing facilities, in developing and applying advanced analysis methods for structures and equipment, in taking in account real-world seismic effects. The added value of GDS lies in its ability to evaluate the safety of structures under extreme loads (earthquake, explosion, load drop, tornado, climatic actions) by the implementation of the most advanced assessment techniques. Thanks to this knowledge, widely recognized by our customers and safety authorities, Géodynamique & Structure provided its services on most of the French Nuclear Power Plants.


Petrochemical Industry

Recent regulatory developments have forced petrochemicals industries to account for seismic risk and to newly assess most of their facilities. Géodynamique & Structure supports all industries by participating in the development of the most appropriate strategy to meet these new requirements, coming in particular from the European Directive SEVESO, and enhances its expertise and experience to optimize the assessment and the reliability of its studies. GDS also provides the most suitable services for the design of facilities that must withstand extreme loads such as tornados, floodings, earthquakes, and explosions.


Strategic Structures

Major works involve major issues and as such, manufacturers have been asking Géodynamique & Structure for its design or assessment since the 1980s, notably for their resistance to the earthquake. Involved for decades in the studies of large bridges or high-rise towers with geotechnical challenges and a strong seismic risk, Géodynamique & Structure develops and implements very advanced methods in the service of its expertise to demonstrate the robustness of structures, taking into account the effects of soil-structure interaction, spatial variation of earthquake ground motions, contact problems, nonlinear material behaviors and large displacements. This expertise allows Géodynamique & Structure and its customers to deliver outstanding works.


Offshore and Geotechnical Structures

Géodynamique & Structure has a stout knowledge for the assessment or the design of offshore and geotechnical structures. Taking into account all kind of non-linearity, soil-structure, structure-soil-structure or structure fluid interactions, Géodynamique & Structure ensures a rigorous design and assessment for extreme load cases and especially the earthquake actions. The added value of GDS lies essentially in its competence to select the most effective assessment method depending on the problem in order to optimize the outcomes. Géodynamique & Structure aims at preserving customer investments, optimizing the costs of strengthening if case they are needed and assuring the achievement of the highest safety standards.



For more than 30 years, Géodynamique & Structure has been assisting the Ministry of Defense, the Directorate General of Armaments, the Defense Infrastructure Services for the Preliminary Design phases of its new bases, for the assessment of all its existing buildings against extreme loads such as shocks, impacts, explosions and earthquakes. Géodynamique & Structure also performs consulting services and performs peer review for the Army on strategic projects.