Géodynamique & Structure, Consulting Engineers, was founded in 1981 by Alain Pecker and Jean-Paul Walter. Since then, Géodynamique & Structure has carried out hundreds of projects in France and internationally for clients of all sizes and in a wide range of industries covering the nuclear, petrochemical and transport industries , maritime and port infrastructure, civil engineering structures and military installations.

The company has not ceased to develop in recent years and today more than 25 specialist engineers collaborate to succeed in the projects of our clients companies and state bodies in the field of soil holding, structures and equipment with cyclic loading (swell, vibration), dynamics (earthquake, explosion) and thermomechanics (design of containment enclosures).


Since its creation, Géodynamique & Structure has wished to combine all the skills involved in the study of interactions between structures and soil. Indeed, seismic engineering is a transversal discipline, requiring skills from various and varied fields:

  • Earth Science
  • Geotech
  • Dynamic study of equipment and structures
  • Numerical and experimental simulation

The same requirements apply today to the new activities developed over the last few years within GDS, such as the monitoring and design of nuclear enclosures that combine multiple competences:

  • Auscultation and instrumentation of civil-engineering structures
  • Aging and deferred behavior of building materials
  • Thermomechanical behavior of concrete
  • Static and dynamic calculation of pre-stressed concrete structures
  • Numerical and experimental simulation
  • Optimization of construction methods for nuclear enclosures

This transversality, as well as the strong interactivity between these domains, requires the competence of a multidisciplinary team.


Géodynamique & Structure has significant means of calculation which give it the possibility of rapidly realizing large projects.

All studies carried out in the Company are submitted to a Quality Assurance organization in accordance with the standards required by ISO 9001.

The company relies in particular on finite element software for the static and dynamic calculations of three-dimensional structures and soil-structure interaction such as: • ANSYS - CIVILFEM • SASSI • ASTER • ZEUS NL • DYNAFLOW • ZSOIL • EUROPLEXUS • RADIOSS • FSG • ARMATEC • RHINOCEROS

It also has codes specific to geotechnical studies, such as SEEP (underground water drainage networks) and SLOPE (slope stability study) of the GEOSTUDIO suite, and RIDO (support screens).