Pierre-Alain Nazé

More than ever, the ever-increasing uncertainties of our world, which threaten our living environment, compel us to the need for overcoming the desire to foresee the future. This is what we all do together at GEODYNAMIQUE & STRUCTURE for our collective success in making it possible.

As a consulting firm of engineers specializing in the analysis of the behavior of soils, structures, equipment and their interactions under cyclic (wave, vibration), dynamic (seismic, explosion) and thermomechanical (pressure, temperature) more than 35 years of experience in these fields, we intervene to assist our clients, engineering firms, civil work companies, public firms, industrial operators, the Military and the Administration, in all their projects with perpetually added value recognized.

This added value is the result of our targeted and qualitative approach, aiming at technical excellence, high level of expertise and a close relationship with our clients. This approach is based on the sharing of a deep attachment to the values of work, friendship, performance and citizenship.

All our teams work to implement innovative and high-performance solutions to help our clients in France and abroad and project them in the future.

Pierre Alain NAZÉ

Chief Executive Officer