In 1981, Alain Pecker and Jean-Paul Walter created, Geodynamics & Structure (GDS), a consulting engineers office specializing in Engineering-Parasism. GDS is directly involved in the Civil Engineering of major industrial projects or structures integrating seismic risk in France and abroad: nuclear works, large-scale industrial installations, bridges built in the area seismic.

Since its inception, GDS employees have been continuously involved in the development and drafting of codes and standards in connection with its activity and the major R & D programs linked to the Earthquake Engineering.

In the mid-1990s, GDS expanded its scope of study to the vibrations of equipment with cyclical effects such as swell and rapid dynamics for explosion, drop loads or impact of missile and airplane crash.

Under the leadership of its new General Manager, Pierre-Alain Nazé, GDS is developing its activity in 2011 on the design and monitoring of containment building by creating a center dedicated to the expertise and calculation of reactor buildings in nuclear power plants.

In 2013, GDS integrates the valuation of post seismic experience feedback and methods of seismic probabilistic risk assessment (SPRA) of industrial facilities in order to provide seismic margin assessment and SPRA at the scale of a complete site.

GDS becomes the first French Engineering Company to carry out SPRA for utilities