Seismic Hazard Analysis

  • Definition of design earthquake
  • Response Spectra
  • Acceleration time histories


Seismic response of new and existing structures

  • Reinforced concrete, steel structures, industrial facilities (tanks, reservoirs, silos)
    • Analysis methods
      • Modal spectral analysis
      • Nonlinear static analysis (push-over)
      • Nonlinear dynamic analysis (material and geometric nonlinearities, uplift)
    • Types of structures
      • Conventional, industrial and high-rise buildings
      • Large scale civil structures and infrastructure
      • Silos, tanks, reservoirs, petrochemical installations


Seismic design, analysis and assessment

Underground structures

  • Tunnel
  • Underground facilities and storage structures
  • Underground transportation lines and stations

Large scale civil infrastructure, buildings and industrial equipment

  • Shallow foundations on native or reinforce soil
  • Partially embedded and deep foundations



  • Soil improvement
  • Strengthening of foundations
  • Strengthening of reinforced concrete or steel buildings